Notes – Lighting and Posing with Bambi Cantrell – Day 1/Session 4 (CreativeLive)

Notes from the workshop: Lighting and Posing with Bambi Cantrell – Day 1/Session 4 – Main focus : Single subject posing (woman)

  • Good time to tilt camera is when there are strong vertical line. Vert lines are very masculine. If looking for more editorial look, tilt. Don’t tilt for more classic bridal shoot. Use for images with more playfulness.
  • When lying down, knees on top of each other just adds bulk. Instead, tuck bottom leg under top, bend knee of top leg and drop top knee towards the ground.
  • General photography guideline: If their is a joint, bend it
  • When using natural light photograph to a background with a highlight to add dimentionality.
  • Walk around room looking for background with highlights.
  • With kids, get them interacting with others. Start off with something fun (jumping on couch) then move playing catch or some such.
My Notes postings are intended as a supplement to the workshop. If you are at all interested in this subject I highly recommend you purchase the full 3 day course from There is no substitute to watching Bambi in action and at $149, it’s a great deal. The amount of information she provides is incredible.
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