Notes – On Location with Jeremy Cowart (Kelby Training)

Notes from the video “On Location with Jeremy Cowart”:
  • Use shade color balance when outside regardless of light except when using flash.
  • Wide angle shot of woman: close to camera makes her look nice and tall.
  • Rent an off duty cop (full uniform and car) to come do security for big shot. Will keep a nice big radius around you.
  • Shooting downtown, look for spots where light is being reflected off of glass buildings.
  • Use a strobe from the same angle of the sun.
  • Hard light works best with beautiful people.
  • Super overblown works for life style vibe.
  • Don’t use a wide angle on a face.
  • Flattering light: above behind camera 45 deg angle.
  • Honeycomb grid inside beauty dish makes light fall off nicely.
  • Use reflective qualities of metal in background.
  • Try shooting down at a model on the floor or a table.

My Notes postings are intended as a supplement to the video not a substitute. If you are at all interested in this subject I highly recommend you purchase a monthly or yearly subscription at Scott has produced an amazing video library with many great photographers on a wide range of subjects and your subscription gives you unlimited access to them all.

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