Notes – A Day with Jay Maisel (Kelby Training)

These are notes I took while watch the “Day with Jay Maisel” course at

  • Find a stage and the players will come
  • Have everything ready to take a shot. Leave the camera one, remove the lens cap, continuous shooting with bracketing, one lens, no bag
  • It’s not about covering ground, it’s about having something happen in front of you. And it’s not going to happen in front of you if you are running around.
  • You have to learn to anticipate the event
  • You gotta be open to whats gonna happen
  • If someone is doing something interesting, odds are they are not going to notice you. If it’s interesting and worth shooting, it’s easier than if someone is just standing there
  • Be aware of what makes people interesting
  • Look for people who are twisted or off balance for interest

My Notes postings are intended as a supplement to the video not a substitute. If you are at all interested in this subject I highly recommend you purchase a monthly or yearly subscription at Scott has produced an amazing video library with many great photographers on a wide range of subjects and your subscription gives you unlimited access to them all.

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